The water sector is getting more and more interest from both local and international stakeholders. The Government of Egypt is actively pursuing ambitious plans for implement national programmes in the water sector. The EU is in the forefront of the international financial institutes supporting the water sector in Egypt.

In this regards, a  dialogue to better enhance integrated investment planning and exchanging potential venues of cooperation is important  between Government of Egypt , EU, European Financial Institutions ( EIB, EBRD, KfW, and AFD) , International Financial Institutions ( World Bank WB , African Development Bank AFDB ) ,and Arab Financial Institutions –AFI (ISDB, KFAED ,AFESD, and OFID).

A framework to conduct a more structured policy dialogue involving EU-AFI-EFI-IFIs and the Government of Egypt is to be defined. Following discussions between the EUD and EFIs, and AFIs bi-annual 2 day setup / event seems appropriate.

In this regards, the EU is willing finance the first GoE-EU-EFI-AFI event on “integrated investment planning in the water sector in Egypt”. The event shall come as a preparatory event to the first EU-GoE event during the Cairo Water Week 14-18/10. The event shall play an important role in the preparation of the Cairo Water week, and shall be useful for creating a platform for joint cooperation in the water sector in Egypt.

The event shall be a Two Day Event , where each financial institution shall be invited to give a presentation on their current intervention in the water sector in Egypt , Future plans, and priorities. The GoE ( MWRI, MHUUC, and possibly MIIC) shall be also give presentation on the national strategies and key prioritized investments. Additional panel discussion could be foreseen to discuss topics of particular interest ( such as decentralization , Tariff & financial  reforms , legal reforms , localization of industry ) where both line ministries , EU and Other financial institutions can openly share views on ideas and challenges and how to better solve it .

Once agreed by the Minister side, we could prepare joint/ separate invitation letters to both national and local stakeholders (70 local, 30 international). Indeed further details, including agenda could be discussed at a later stage once interest and date is agreed upon.