With more than 500 high level government officials, water industry Leaders and experts participating, Sponsorship grants you the opportunity to engage with a network of pro-active players in the realm of water sector.
For more information contact: Organization@cairowaterweek.eg

Sponsorship Packages

For more information contact: Organization@cairowaterweek.eg

Payment Method

  • Bank Transfer to : Blom Bank Egypt – Shoubra Branch.
  • Bank Address: 232 Shoubra St., El-Khalafawy.
  • Egyptian Committee for Hydrology & Water Resources Account.
  • EGP: 100000316702
  • USD: 100000316711
  • EUR: 100000316712
  • Swift code: MRBAEGCX019

Cancellation Policy

  • Before Sep 15th : Full refund.
  • Sep 15th –  Oct 1st : 20% Cancellation fee.
  • After Oct 1st  100% Cancellation fee.

Contact Information

Cairo Water Week (Registration Committee).

Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation.

Address : 1 St. Gamal Abd El-Nasser, Corniche El-Nile, Embaba, Giza, Egypt.

Tel : 00201018868008

Fax : 00235449456

E-Mail : register1@cairowaterweek.eg

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