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The meeting will be held in Cairo on 21 and 22 of October 2019 on the sidelines of the second Cairo water week (CWW-2019), scheduled for 20-24 October 2019.
The Water Council aims at activating cooperation among the OIC member states in the field of water, in addition to following up the efforts and progress achieved in this regard. The second meeting of the council is considered an attempt to put countries on the right track to implement their national water strategy under the general framework of the OIC vision. The meeting hopes to produce concrete conclusions and recommendations focusing on shared priorities that will work as guidelines for countries in cooperation.

The work program of the second meeting of the OIC Water Council includes a meeting of senior officials of the member states of the Council on 21 October 2019 to discuss the most important issues of shared interest and concern such as capacity building, wastewater treatment, transboundary issues as well as financial support. This is followed by one day meeting, 22 of October for the ministers to come up with important decisions in motivating cooperation among OIC member states.
The meeting provides an opportunity for OIC organizations to introduce their most important activities, related to OIC water vision contributing to the development of programs to activate cooperation among countries in the field of water. The meeting is also attended by some international organizations as observers to come up with definite programs for enhancing cooperation among the OIC countries.