Dr. Ayman El Sayed Ibrahim, Head of Monitoring, Communication, Information and Assets Sector, participated in the “IBM Code and Response: Cairo hackathon”, as a representative of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation and the Organizing Committee of Cairo Water Week 2019. The Hackathon is organized by IBM and gathers the startup, academic, Software developers, coders, software applications designers and implementers to create practical, effective and high quality applications that attack and solve the most pressing social problems, which feature immediate and lasting impact on humanitarian issues, based on cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence.

Dr. Ayman joined the panel discussion on “The Future of Code in Egypt” and gave a presentation on the challenges that face water resources management in Egypt and the National Water Resources Plan 2017 – 2037. He presented the importance of using information systems, technologies and software applications and coding to face the water resources management challenges through different solutions that would be proposed by developers and participants of the hackathon.
Cairo Water Week will be involved during the coming two days of the Hackathon as a part of the evaluation and judgment committee.

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