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The scientific committee of the Fourth Cairo Water Week (CWW2021) invites researchers from all over the world who wish to present their work during the technical sessions of CWW2021 to submit the following:

  1. Abstracts
  2. Full Papers (upon acceptance of abstracts)

The CWW2021 features a wide range of opportunities for discussions, networking, and exchange of knowledge on the aforementioned five themes and sub-themes.

The following is the timeline for submission, acceptance and confirmation of abstracts


15 April 2021

Abstract Submission deadline


4 May 2021

Notifications of  Acceptance/Call for Full paper


30 May 2021

Deadline of receiving full papers


30 August 2021

Official letter of final acceptance of papers


15 Sep 2021

Deadline for receiving the oral or poster presentation from researchers

Guidelines for Submitting Abstracts

  • Abstract is in English language, and should not exceed 250 words (single spaced, ragged text, Times New Roman 12 pt, 2.5 cm left and right margins, no references are cited, no symbols are used).
  • Abstract should include problem definition, solution approach, findings and conclusions.
  • Title should be concise and to the point reflecting the contents of the abstract (10 words maximum).
  • Author(s) should clearly state at the top of their abstract the theme and sub-theme under which their contribution is submitted. Abstracts outside the scope of the CWW2021 themes will be disregarded.
  • Abstracts should be fully in English. Abstracts written in other languages will not be accepted.
  • Main author should provide a recent photograph along with a five-line biography.
  • Registration fees for CWW2021 are waived for participants with accepted abstracts.

Guidelines/Criteria for Submitting Full Papers

  • Following acceptance of abstracts, authors will be asked to submit their full paper.
  • Template for the submitted paper may be found here.
  • Best 10 Research Paper will be published in reputable journals.
  • Paper presentation will be through power point and/or posters following the guidelines shown hereafter.

Guidelines for power point presentation

  • Maximum time allowed for presentation is 15 min.
  • Maximum number of slides is 10.
  • For slides with text, use 6×6 rule (six lines × six words).
  • Graphical illustrations should be with readable font on the screen.

Guidelines for poster presentations

  • The poster size is A0 (841×1189 mm).
  • The poster is printed in portrait, not landscape format.
  • Printed title, authors’ names, and affiliations are 3 cm, 2 cm, and 1 cm tall, respectively.
  • The poster contains the contact information of the main author.
  • All materials on the poster should be easily readable from more than 1 m away.
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