SE03 : Status Que of the Egyptian Water Higher Education, Research and Training:

The Center of Excellence for Water – American University in Cairo

The Center of Excellence for Water aims at boosting Egyptian Higher Education, Research and Training, in the field of Water Sciences and Engineering. Since its start, the CoE partners (more than 20 partners from Government, Universities, Research Centers, Private Sectors and Foundations) have been working to study the status-quo and capacities of the Egyptian Higher Education and Research Institutions. An in depth needs assessment has been carried out by the CoE and its results reveals interesting facts, potentials, and needs for Higher Education curricula, Research Grants, and Training (Capacity Building).

The workshop will be divided into two mains parts, the status-quo of Higher Education, research and Training, and challenges in relation to the Egyptian Water Strategy within the Egyptian Strategy for Sustainable Development, and the way forward for the Center of Excellence to address those challenges and filling the gaps


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