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Water is the most precious and finite resource in the world. Water availability in terms of adequate quantity and acceptable quality stands as a key for sustainable development. Although the SDGs include a dedicate goal for water, all the other 16 goals depend in one way or other on water. In arid regions where water is a scarce resource, the economic, social and environmental risks increase. Thus, a proactive integrated management approach is needed to close the gap between supply and demand. Water Security depends on active participation of all members of the Society for sustainable water development and management.

Topics to be addressed under theme 1 are the following:

Topic 1.1 Coping with Water Scarcity  in Arid Regions
Topic 1.2 Water Accounting, Valuation and economics
Topic 1.3 Promoting Use of Non-Conventional Water Resources to Achieve Water Security
Topic 1.4 Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) for All to Achieve the SDGs
Topic 1.5 Community-Driven Initiatives in Water Quality Management for Sustainable Development