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In water scarce regions, competition on water escalate between communities, sectors and countries. The challenge is to balance the competing needs with the limited resources. Beyond the challenges related to the management of resource scarcity at local and national levels, there are hydro-politics and transboundary considerations at the basin level. Failure to address the challenges at all levels directly impact peace, prosperity, human security, and equity within the border of states and across the riparian countries.  Cooperation is the safest and most peaceful way for fair and equitable apportionment of water benefits at all levels. A platform for cooperation is needed to share and exchange views and engage in objective debates to embark on fair and sustainable solutions.

Topics to be addressed under theme 2 are the following:

Topic 2.1 Riparian Countries Cooperation in applying Laws and policies for water security
Topic 2.2 Hydro Diplomacy and Water Politics in Transboundary Water Management
Topic 2.3 Cross-Sectoral Approaches for Achieving Water Security
Topic 2.4 Governance and Institutional Reform to ensure water security
Topic 2.5 Success Stories in Joint management of Shared Water Resources
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