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Water, energy and food are the pillars of human well-being, poverty reduction and sustainable development. Demand for all three resources continues to grow as far as population increases and development needs grow. Exploitation, use and development of any of them require input from the other two in different ways. The unbroken links between these sectors demand well-holistic approaches, policy coherence and integrated plans to maximum their benefits and insures their sustainability. A nexus approach that integrates management and governance across the three sectors at different scales, can support the transition to green economy, resource use efficiency and environmental protection.

Topics to be addressed under theme 3 are the following:

Topic 3.1: WEF Nexus For Green Growth
Topic 3.2: Water and energy for food production
Topic 3.3: Governance and Integrated Management for Increasing Water, Energy, and Food Resources Use Efficiency
Topic 3.4: Water Desalination Foot-prints on Energy and Environment
Topic 3.5: Private Sector Role in enhancing  WEF nexus to promote use efficiency and cost effectiveness
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