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Water scarcity, water pollution, overexploitation and lack of clean water are putting life and ecosystems under extreme strain. Environmental problems and facts are always linked in many ways to social, economic and financial issues. Technological, management and social innovation plays significant role in addressing many of these issues. Emerging technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT) devices in combination can be optimized to make managing water systems easier, more efficient, and more capable of making accurate predictions and efficient plans. As data becomes information, it can be used to improve the water system by enabling managers to minimize pipe leakages, energy consumption, CO2 emissions and environmental disasters.

Topics to be addressed under theme 5 are the following:

Topic 5.1: Low cost/smart technologies for water reuse and desalination
Topic 5.2: Smart Water Infrastructure, Technologies and Management.
Topic 5.3: Natural Based Solutions to improve Water Quality
Topic 5.4: Advanced Technologies & Early Warning Systems for Building Resilience to Water Scarcity.
Topic 5.5: Research, Innovation and Education towards Water Security
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