Day 1 Sunday, 29 October 2023: Cooperative Management of River Basins.

This day will highlight the Cooperative analysis at the river basin scale as a key objective, focusing on adaptation and mitigation options to propose and support mutually agreed policies to advance a “do no harm” approach. For example, the Action for Water Adaptation and Resilience (AWARe) initiative contributes to filling this gap by fostering South-South collaboration to exchange experiences and expertise and building capacities on integrated planning at a basin scale. The focus is on the African context as a start, and we foresee the potential for replication in other regions.
Under this Day, Cairo Water Week (CWW) will cover the topics (but are not limited to):
• Vulnerability and impact assessment in transboundary river basins
• Basin-wide adaptation and Integrated climate change strategies
• Co-developing regional/continental virtual water agreements.
• Data exchange for developing basin wide IWRM plans.
• Basin-wide strategies to promote low-emission water and energy sources

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