Day 2 Monday, 30 October 2023: Support co-benefits of water management adaptation actions and economic growth.

This day will focuses on supporting the achieved environmental and economic co-benefits via proper water management to support a growing economy. In addition, addressing water management challenges and opportunities with submissions on measures of decoupling economic growth from governing policies, partnerships, research, and innovation. It also will highlight the integrated water and climate approach and proper recognition of the role of water for informed decision-making in climate change mitigation and adaptation action.
Under this Day, the CWW will cover the topics (but not limited to):
• Adaptation and mitigation options to support mutually agreed policy.
• Cooperation as a key to climate change adaptation and its co-benefits.
• Solutions to integrate water and climate action to leverage co-benefits of adaptation.
• Promoting measures to decouple economic growth from freshwater use and degradation.
• Mobilizing funds for actions related to technical research to achieve economic growth.

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