An essential part of Cairo Water Week sucess is down to the cooperation and partnership with the national, regional and international organizations. Likewise, the partner organizations considered the success of CWW a part of their success and good opportunity for the mutual cooperation to ensure the accomplishment of the joint objectives and ambitions.
In this regards, A Meeting was held yesterday to discuss the preparations for the #High level Meeting for the joint committee on Water and Agriculture which will be organized on the sidelines of #CWW2019 by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)and #League of Arab states, in cooperation with, the organizing committee of #CWW2019.
The meeting attended by Dr. Mohamed El-Hamdy, representative of #FAO, the main partner of the Week; Dr. Hammou Lammrani, representative of #LAS, the Honorary Sponsor of the Week; and Dr. Eman Sayed, Head of Planning Sector.
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#cairowaterweek_2019 #FAO

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