Professor for Hydraulics
Faculty of Engineering
Ain Shams University

Dr. Aly works at the Irrigation and Hydraulics department, graduated and got his MSc. from ASU and his PhD from McMaster University Canada in 1985. He held many managerial positions and is the consultant for the Ministries of Irrigation and Water Resources, Higher Education and Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities. He executed many national and international projects during his academic life with organizations from Egypt, Canada, USA, Germany, Sweden, the World Bank and the EU. He has a vast teaching and training experience in the areas of water resources, computer modelling, soft skills and intercultural communication. He published two books and many scientific papers in the areas of hydraulics, hydrology, water resources management, education, participation in water management, etc. He is member of several committees inside and outside Egypt as reviewer of scientific papers, promotion documents, project proposals, etc. During his long career he visited more than 35 countries around the world for academic assignments.