professor at Al Azhar University Faculty of engineering

He got his BSc. from Al Azhar University 1976. He got his Msc. In civil engineering from Al Azhar University, 1982. He got his PhD in the field of Hydraulics and Irrigation through a channel system between UMIST (University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology) at UK and Al Azhar University, 1990. He has been working also as a consultant engineer in the field of civil and environmental engineering since 1992. His research areas include hydraulics, irrigation, groundwater hydraulics, Water distribution systems, Water quality and Environmental hydraulics.
He is teaching some courses for both under graduate and post graduate students. For under graduate students, Civil Eng. drawing, fluid mechanics, Hydraulics, Irrigation works and the project of graduation. For post graduate students, engineering hydraulics and Modern methods of irrigation. Also, he has many MSc and PhD students, some of them have been awarded and became staff members in the universities.
He is one of the referees of the magazines of both the department and the faculty as well as the conferences of the faculty in the branch of Irrigation and hydraulics. Also, one of the referees of the post graduate degrees in the field of Irrigation and hydraulics

He has worked as a part timer in many of governmental companies, in addition to his job in the university according to the roles of co-operation between the university and the governmental authorities. Also he worked as a consultant to help the head of the HCWW to solve the problems and give the engineering consultancy for a number of 24 following companies that work under his direct supervision and cover all the Egyptian governorates.
          –  Member of the Egyptian Engineering Syndicate.
          –  Member of the Egyptian Society of Engineers.
          –  Member of the Egyptian Society of Consultant Engineers.