Head of Planning sector, Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, Egypt

Dr. Eman is Currently the head of the planning sector of ministry of water resources national, she is the coordinator of the EU water Starts project; which aiming to fostering the reform process of water sector in Egypt. She takes the lead in creating dialogue among several development partners and several governmental and non-governmental organizations having water related interest to support the impanation of national water resource plan.

Eman has More than 22 years of extensive professional experience; in wide range of water resources planning and management aspects; climate change, hydrological modeling; remote sensing; DSS and knowledge management.  Eman has participated   in preparing NWRP2037. she has managed various complex projects and studies in the field of assessment of climate change, and development plans on the Nile system. She joined the Water Resources Planning and Management Project (WRPMP) under the umbrella of the Nile Basin Initiative. The main objective of this project is to enhance analytical capacity from a basin-wide perspective to support the development, management, and protection of Nile Basin water resources in an equitable, optimal, integrated, and sustainable manner.  Eman was part of the team who supervised the development of the Nile Basin DSS, to help NB countries in conducting many strategic studies and evaluated different plans of developments.

She was the director of (EWRMP) funded from GEF in total of 6.8 Million $ to pilot Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in the Nile Delta and to enhance the knowledge and capacity of water sector institutions for IWRM in Egypt. Eman leaded the application of the concept of SRI on the filed level with wide participation of farmers.