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Prof. of  Wastewater Treatment Technology and Environmental Studies

Prof. Enas M. A.AbouTaleb has graduated from the Faculty of Science, Cairo University and she got a Master’s degree in Inorganic Chemistry (1994) from the Cairo University. Later, she acquired a Doctorate degree from Cairo University (2004). Prof. Enas is Professor of wastewater treatment technology and environmental studies from 2016.

Prof. Enas M.A.AbouTaleb has many experiences in wastewater treatment technology, Wastewater treatment and control of various industrial sectors (fertilizer ,textile , metal finishing ,  food , pharmaceutical, Petroleum ,chemicals.), Municipal wastewater treatment for reuse., Pollution control, Pollution Prevention, Waste handling and utilization, Minimizing product losses, Process modification, Cleaner production technologies in industrial plants, Industrial auditing, Establishment of integrated environmental management system in new industrial cities, Environmental impact assessment (EIA), Compliance action plan (CAP) for industrial plants, Industrial auditing; .Environmental control of wastewater in small and medium enterprises, Protection of water resources from pollution, Impact of industrial, municipal and agricultural drainage on the water quality of surface water. In addition to her implemented projects. She has an Accepted Patent, Patent number (840/2009)”Method for the preparation of membrane to remove ion of Heavy elements”. Invention was accepted in Egyptian patent office (2012) and a register Patent number (2004/2017) Innovative model for the application of electrochemical treatment technique of high organic load wastewater treatment.

Prizes and Awards

  • National Research Centre Prize for research outputs 2012.2013,2014.
  • National Research Centre Prize for the best applied research projects 2015.
  • ASRT Prize for innovative Incubator 2016


  • Member of the Technical Support and Follow-up Office and performance evaluation; Academy of Scientific Research and Technology.
  • Consultant for Environment and Water projects, the African Development Bank AFDB
  • Consultant in Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA).
  • Member of the Office of Technology and marketing of scientific research at the National Center for Research NRC-TICO transfer.
  • Supervision for 4 Master degrees and 5 Ph.D degree theses.
  • Reviewer for international scientific journals as “Applied Water Science Journal”& Water Science and Technology: Water Supply.
  • Refereeing for Master and Ph.D degree; faculty of science Helwan University. & El-Azhar University, Suez University.
  • Member of the jury of the creativity competition 6 and 7,Ministry of Youth and Sports Sector of scientific innovations and creativity competition 1 for Youth Centers.