Professor at Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI)

Prof. Karima Attia is the director of Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI) since January 2014 till 2018 . She leads and work as a consultant for many important projects in national and international levels, Principle investigator of international project entitled: “Flash floods integrated management considering climate change”. Project funded by JICA and Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) (2018-2022), principle investigator for the project “Enhancing Sediment Transport Modeling in Nile Basin Reservoirs” one of 20 projects accepted from Africa for the TIGER II initiative (2009-2012), project leader of national multidisciplinary research project entitled: “Shoreline Management Plan for Red Sea Coastal Areas”, the project is funded by MWRI. She worked as a short-term consultant for the Study, Nile Inland Waterway Transport Pre-Feasibility Study, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Ministry of Finance Central Public Private Partnership Unit and for idiom in Support to the Reform of the Egyptian Transport Sector (EuropeAid/129-110/SER/CE/G) A project funded by the European Union, “Strategy for the Sustainability of the Egyptian Transport System”, (Navigation for First Class Waterways).

Dr. Karima has more than thirty-year experience in water resources different disciplines. She is member of Egyptian Universities Promotion Committees (EUPC) and reporter of Egyptian National Committee of Hydrology and Water Resources, UNESCO.