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• Professor, National Water Research Center, Egypt
• Director, Water Resources Department, Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD), UAE
• Advisory Board Member, Desalination Excellence Center, UAE
• Member and Secretariat, Higher Committee for Water and Agriculture Strategy Implementation, Abu Dhabi-UAE
• Board Member, National Water and Energy Center, United Arab Emirates University, UAE.

Dr. Dawoud has more than 25 years of international experience in water resources management, agriculture development, environmental sustainability, climate change, operational and policy-based lending, and project management, spanning 15 countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. As a Director of Water Resources Department at EAD, Dawoud has 15 years of strategic leadership managing the execution of the Department’s key projects and strategies since 2003. He was also in charge of resource mobilization, fundraising and management of annual $15 million portfolio in the areas of water resources, agriculture, marginal water use, climate change, infrastructure, women and youth empowerment, and governance. Dawoud has an established global network and relationships and provide consultancy services for international partners on water and agriculture sustainable development, including the World Bank, CEDARE, UN Environment, ICARDA, ESCWA, UNESCO, FAO, African Development Bank, ICBA, bilateral agencies such as GIZ, JICA, and NASA, and non-governmental organizations. He is internationally known for his work and research on promoting marginal water use, biosaline agriculture, wastewater reuse and innovative technologies on desalination and water treatment, and empowerment of youth in science. Since 2010, Dawoud is leading a research programs with Wageningen University, IHE Delft in Netherlands and Massey University in New Zeeland for promoting innovations in water resources, agriculture, agriaquaculture and climate change in arid regions. Dawoud has published 8 books, 7 book chapters and over 100 papers in peer reviewed journals and regional and international conferences on a variety of topics, including water resources, biosaline agriculture, marginal water use, agriaquaculture, desalination, climate change, environment and the value of science to society.