Deputy of minister, Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, Egypt

Mr. Ragab Abdel-Azim has over 30 years of experience in the field of water resources management and engineering. He was appointed to high-level public positions in the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation in Egypt. Currently is the First Undersecretary. Mr. Ragab has wide ranging, specialized expertise related to water and environmental management, including water resource policy and planning, integrated water management and allocation, capacity building, monitoring and evaluation. Major fields of his experience can be summarized as follows: 

Project Manager for (1) the feasibility Study for Rehabilitation /Construction of Zifa Barrage on the River Nile. This project is funded by AFDB. Project Manger for (2) Master Plan of Hydraulic Structures in EGYPT (MPHS). This project is funded by AFDB and the main consultant is GNFE. The project aims at assessment of the existing 150 water structures in Egypt and develops a master plan for rehabilitation/construction to be implemented up to 2050.

Policy formulation and implementation: I worked as a full-time Senior Irrigation Engineer with USAID’s funded EPIQ/Water Policy Reform Program (WPRP) over the period 1989-2002 and part-time over the period 2002-2005. 

Development and Implementation of the Integrated Water Management Program in Egypt through working as a Water Resources Management Specialist with International Resources Group, Ltd (IRG) to work on the USAID funded project LIFE/IWRM in Egypt. IWRM I project (2004-2008) focused on five Irrigation Directorates in four Governorates. Twenty-seven Integrated Water Management Districts (IWMD) and 600 Branch Canal Water User Associations were established, managing water for 1.2 million feddans or 15% of Egypt’s agricultural land. Approximately 9 million farmers and other water users benefited from the project, 500,000 of them directly through the BCWUAs. IWRM II (2009-2012) was implemented throughout the entire East Nile Delta to cover Forty-five IWMDs and 1200 BCWUAs In area of 2.2 million feddans, or 27% of Egypt’s agricultural land and over 12.5 million farmers benefited from the project.

Design and implementation of training programs in the field of water resources management such as water flow measurement, water demand assessment, water distribution, ..etc