Professor of Water & Wastewater Technology, National Research Centre.Sector Head, Research
development (R & D),
Holding Co. for Water and Wastewater (HCWW),

Dr. Rifaat ABDEL WAHAAB is currently Sector Head of Research & development at Holding Co. for Water and Wastewater, Cairo, Egypt since 2009. Prior to his appointment as Sector Head at HCWW, he has been served as Project Team Leader of Canadian/Egypt Environmental Initiative Fund (EEIF) for 7 years, focuses on urban and rural sanitation, industrial pollution control, environmental management and strategy, green environmental business; and climate changes initiatives & adaptation.
Dr. Rifaat is one of the leading environmental experts in Egypt, with more than 30 years’ experience combining both academic and practice applications. He has managed and intensively involved in many of donors funded projects (National and International) in water, sanitation & industry. He has served on roughly thirty conference and workshop program committees, chaired international conferences and managed many capacity development training workshops. As an academic Professor at the National research Center (NRC) in Cairo, he has
published over 120 refereed research papers & reports in leading International journals and he is a reviewer for number of scientific journals. He has recently collaborated actively in several other disciplines of Green Energy (GE), sludge-to energy, and climate change nexus. He has also served in many other professional roles. He has awarded the country prestigious prize in environment and development;
acknowledges his contribution in diverse areas of water and sanitation, industrial wastewater management, wastewater reuse application and sustainable environmental initiatives. He has intensive experience with donors funded projects: acquired managerial positions and have intensive experience with donors funded projects in water and wastewater sector & environmental projects such as AFDB,CIDA, Dutch, EU, USAID, UNDP/WB, WHO, UNICEF, and European Investment Bank (EIB). Dr. Rifaat has received the BSc. degree in Chemistry from the University of Assiut, Egypt in 1980, MSc degree in “Environmental Sciences” 1987; and PhD. degree in “Wastewater Management” 1991 from the University of Wales, UK.