Head of the Environmental Process Engineering Chair, Department of Environmental Technology, Technical University of Berlin

He has 30 years of research and practical experience in wastewater and sludge treatment. He has published more than 65 papers in refereed journals. Professor Geissen is co-editor of 4 IWA-WST issues, co-inventor of 6 patents, nominated member of two expert groups (IWA “Advanced Oxidation Processes”, DWA/GdCh “Trace pollutants”) and elected chair of the GVC/Dechema expert group “Production integrated water and wastewater technology”

president of AQUANET Network Berlin-Brandenburg  and member of the executive board of German Water Partnership

Prof. Sven Geissen started his activities in the MENA region more than 20 years ago when he initiated and coordinated a project in the EU-Avicenne initiative. Meanwhile he has successfully completed or applied for many projects with colleagues from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. His research interests are industrial water treatment, management, and reuse.