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Chairman, Arwadex Group for Desalination, KSA

• PhD in maintenance engineering from the University of Manchester, UK and has held many government and private consulting positions and worked at the University of King Saud for 24 years.
• President of the International Organization for maintenance in Switzerland (IMA).
• Member of many local, regional organizations in the fields of projects, maintenance and conferences.
•Chairman of the Division of Engineering Operation and Maintenance Saudi Engineers.
• Secretary General of the International Forum for Operation and Maintenance in the Arab Countries.
• Vice Chairman of the Arab Institute for Operation and Maintenance.
•Consultant in contracts, operating and maintenance specifications and feasibility studies.
• Expert in the studies of privatization of services (energy, cooling, sewage and water desalination).
• Expert and international arbitrator in construction, operation and maintenance engineering
• Member of the operation and maintenance committee at Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (formerly).
• Member of the National Committee of Exhibitions (Saba)
• Member of the advisory group of the national program of exhibitions and conference.
• Member of the Board of the World Forum for Operation and Maintenance (WMF).
• Currently Chief Executive Officer of the Engineering Specialist Group in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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