Cairo Water Week 2024 proudly presents the EBTIKAR Competition, a cornerstone event fostering

Entrepreneurship and Innovation in collaboration with the European Union. This competition is a beacon for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs, especially the youth, to contribute to a harmonious and enduring future.

EBTIKAR Competition is a highlight among the Cairo Water Week initiatives, designed to empower participants to present transformative ideas and projects with a significant social impact. We invite innovators to dedicate their efforts to practical solutions addressing Egypt’s pressing water management issues, ensuring its preservation as a vital, sustainable resource. Your solutions should tackle the most pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges of our time.

Submissions are categorized into two distinct streams: Project and Idea:

Project Category

All entries must consist of innovative projects carried out by existing businesses in the form of companies, NGOs or informal programs.

Project category Application Here!

Idea category

All entries must include an innovative solution or proposal for a business one of the practical solutions to Egypt’s water management concerns and conservation. It may be in the conception, planning, or start-up phase, but must not yet have resulted in a start-up.

Idea category Application Here!

We extend an invitation to entrepreneurs to submit their innovative ideas or projects for consideration in this prestigious competition.Entrepreneurs from 17 to 40 years old are invited to submit their idea or project to participate in the competition. Our esteemed judging panel comprises academic scholars, industry specialists, seasoned investors, and accomplished entrepreneurs. Evaluation criteria will emphasize the originality, practicality, market potential, economic soundness, and the environmental and social impact of your submission, with a keen eye on sustainability.

Last day to submitan ideais 31 July 2024.

Only submissions in English will be considered.