For five consecutive years, CWW Permanent Secretariat will organize this competition. The competition aims to inspire creativity among students for their graduation project and allow them to win prizes; this competition will enable them to involve in water-related issues effectively.
We encourage all graduating students of the academic year 2021/2022, from Governmental and Private Universities, whose projects are water sector related, to apply. The invitation is not limited to the Faculties of Engineering; students in other disciplines are invited to apply as well.

For submission please send your report to:


Deliverables :

Applicants for The Best Graduation Project Competition must submit the following deliverables :

  • An Executive Summary not more than 10 pages long, should be well written and should include an abstract, introduction (motivation and objectives), methods, results, conclusions, and recommendations.
  • Full-Length Report submitted by the applicants to their universities.

Evaluation Criteria :

Submitted graduation projects will be assessed based on the following criteria :

  • Having a Potential impact on the water sector.
  •  Innovation in concept and design.
  • Quality of submitted reports and oral presentations.
  •  Optimality ( considering alternative designs) .
  •  Feasibility ( cost-benefit analysis).
  •  Applicability ( consideration of socio-economic factors and selection of appropriate technologies) .
  •  Design/ product sustainability  ( consideration of operation and maintenance requirements ).
  •  Environmentally friendly/compliant design ( environmental impact and life cycle assessments ).
  •  The incorporation of multi-disciplinary aspects demonstrates comprehensiveness.