Water demand and scarcity are increasing due to population growth, urbanization, land use change, climate change, and other factors. GIS and remote sensing tools are essential in the effective and smart management of our most precious resource to ensure sustainability. The aim of the Hackathon is to increase the awareness of water and irrigation sector challenges and provide innovative answers and solutions that will help take the industry to a new level.
Esri North Africa is sponsoring Cairo Water Week (CWW) hackathon. Esri ArcGIS system enables you with solutions that meet your need to monitor, assess, analyze, perform research, and deliver scientific information to resource managers, planners, and stakeholders and allows the community to engage, collaborate, and share easy to use maps and apps. This hackathon is not just for developers; we find the best projects are made up of diverse teams. Industry experts, GIS experts, academics, undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students are invited to join and tell us what the Science of Where™ means to you through your water and irrigation practices.
This is an opportunity for you to put together a project team and bring to life your ideas utilizing Esri ArcGIS system to enhance water and irrigation management. We welcome all participants to develop innovative concepts and initiate the development of a high potential solution/tool/workflow/story maps that will support water and irrigation experts to solve real-world problems.
The solution should illustrate how effective it is to use maps, location, and different parts of the ArcGIS system in water and irrigation management. The core of your presentation should detail how you have leveraged Esri ArcGIS technology to overcome a challenge and realized success in your project. You can share your ideas in one of the following ways to get involved:

A. ArcGIS Pro

  • Automate your workflows and processes using Model Builder and/or Python scripts.

Do you need access to ArcGIS Pro?
Sign up for 21-day ArcGIS Pro trial at : https://www.esri.com/en-us/arcgis/products/arcgis-pro/trial

B. ArcGIS Online

Build interactive web maps with ArcGIS Online and share your insights effectively with specific groups or the entire world. You can use:

  •  ArcGIS Web AppBuilder, create a web app with your maps for a focused, and interactive experience.
  •  ArcGIS StoryMaps, tell a remarkable story with maps that inform and inspire. A story can effect change, influence opinion, and create awareness.
  • ArcGIS Dashboards, tailor a dashboard to your audiences, giving them the ability to make decisions, visualize trends, and monitor status in real-time.

Do you need access to ArcGIS Online?
Sign up for 21-day ArcGIS Online trial for Professionals at : https://www.esri.com/en-us/arcgis/products/arcgis-online/trial


Make sure to take advantage of ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World, the foremost collection of geographic information from around the globe. Much of the content found in the Living Atlas is available publicly, with no restrictions. You can explore maps, apps, and data layers from Esri and thousands of other organizations. Combine content with your own data to create new maps and applications. See how others are visualizing data and solving problems.

Abstract Topics

Smart Water and Irrigation,

  1. Asset management
  2. Operations management (field and/or office operations)
  3. Real-time analytics
  4. Water outage response
  5. Network management
  6. Customer service/engagement
  7. Change detection analysis (imagery and remote sensing data)


Support the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI) daily activities, and pick a challenge from the following,

  1. MWRI Challenge #1 – One of MWRI daily activities is to follow up the real-time updates of the characteristics and properties of each canal in Egypt. Hence, they need a tool/script to draw different displays for each Canal (One-line feature) based on its different characteristics and properties. For instance, Canal X is 10km (from 0km-5km Depth = 10m, from 5.1km-10km Depth = 12m).
  2. MWRI Challenge #2 – MWRI is responsible to suggest the locations of the different structures (e.g. Bridges, tunnels, and etc.) on each canal. Hence, they need a tool/script to add a specific structure on a specific distance from the selected canal start point.

Questions to be answered :

  • What problem did you solve with GIS?
  • What advantage did GIS give you?
  • Did you find a more useful way to do something?
  • What difficulties did you overcome to solve your project/department problem?
  • What are your findings or results?
  • How can this project be useful for smart water and irrigation management?

Eligibility & Registration

  • The event is open to developers, industry experts, GIS experts, academics, undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students.
  • All projects submitted must use ArcGIS technology in some way. Projects submitted that do not use Esri ArcGIS are not eligible for judging and prizes.
  • Participants must be able to appear in-person at MWRI during the hackathon period, and in the final results session if selected as finalists.
  • Participants can form teams of up to 4 individuals.
  • Teams must declare participation by the registration deadline Saturday, October 2, 2021,  at 05:00 pm Cairo, Egypt at Registration Link.

Submission Requirements

  • All final projects must be submitted on or before Sunday, October 10, 2021, at 10:00 am at Submission Link.
  • What to Submit,
    1.  PowerPoint Presentation (5-10 slides) include the following, Project title, team members, project thumbnail, abstract, description, project screenshots, and used ArcGIS capabilities/functionalities.
    2. For ArcGIS Online, a link to your ArcGIS Online project (Web App, Dashboard, or StoryMap) should be added to your presentation.
    3. For ArcGIS Pro, all elements of your project should be consolidated into a project package (.ppkx) including but not limited to maps, data and layers, geoprocessing models, python scripts, and etc.
  • For ArcGIS Online, your ArcGIS Online project must be visible publicly without requiring any login.
  • All submitting teams must be able to perform a 10-15 minutes presentation of their solution, and at least one team representative must be on-site during the presentation period at the specific time requested.
  • If additional hardware is required it is the team’s responsibility to make it available to the judges during the judging period.
  • Esri will have the right to include the project on its website, marketing material, outreach opportunities, or another method.

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation Level: The idea should be innovative and within the framework of the competition’s objectives. Does it do something new and unique?
  • Business Value: The idea should create a new perspective on the way of doing business differently. How significant and relevant is the problem that the solution is trying to solve? Does that problem affect a market that we know and understand? Does it have a market?
  • Esri Technology: The idea should use Esri technology as the main solution to drive the final output. What is the level of effort using GIS and RS?  What is used to put the technologies together into production?
  • Realistic Capability: How realistic is the idea to execute? Can it be a real solution? Has it confronted a new problem? Does the final product have a sustainable lifecycle?
  • Digital Submission: The idea should be submitted in a digital format with the best output including all data and resources used.



  • We intend to provide a flexible week window for teams to work. During the hours listed below, a representative from Esri NA technical team will be available to assist and answer any questions participants have. Teams can keep working outside of the listed hours.
    • Day 1 | Sunday, October 3, 2021 (10:00 AM – 02:00 PM)
      • Welcome, Introduction, Briefing Session (ArcGIS Pro, Model Builder, Python scripts, ArcGIS Online)
    • Day 2 to Day 5 | Monday, October 4, 2021, to Thursday, October 7 , 2021 (10:00 AM – 02:00 PM)
      • Esri NA technical team will be available to assist and answer your questions
    • Final Submission | Sunday, October 10, 2021
      • Project submission will remain open through Sunday, October 3, 2021, at 10:00 am. After the event concludes, the teams selected as finalists will be notified by email to present their project and compete for the top three awards at the Cairo Water Week event.


  • All accepted teams will receive giveaways, discounted Esri training vouchers, and certificates of recognition.
  • The winning teams will be rewarded a total of 15,000 EGP! Plus, a free Esri training course for the winning teams.
    •  1st Place : 7,000 EGP
    •  2nd Place : 5,000 EGP
    •  3rd Place: 3,000 EGP