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HLE01: Second Meeting of the OIC Water Council: (Closed Meeting – By Invitation)

The meeting will be held on 21st  and 22nd  of October 2019 on the sidelines of the Cairo water week 2019.
The Water Council aims at activating cooperation among the OIC member states in the field of water, in addition to following up the efforts and progress achieved in this regard. The second meeting of the council is considered an attempt to put countries on the right track to implement their national water strategy under the general framework of the OIC vision. The meeting hopes to produce concrete conclusions and recommendations focusing on shared priorities that will work as guidelines for countries in cooperation.
The program of the second meeting of the OIC Water Council includes a meeting of senior officials of the member states of the Council on the 21st of October 2019, to discuss the most important issues of shared interest and concern such as capacity building, wastewater treatment, transboundary issues as well as financial support.  This will be followed by a one-day meeting on the 22nd of October, for the ministers to come up with important decisions on motivating cooperation among OIC member states.
The meeting would provide an opportunity for OIC organizations to introduce their most important activities, related to OIC water vision contributing to the development of programs to activate cooperation among countries in the field of water. The meeting will be attended by some international organizations as observers to come up with definite programs for enhancing cooperation among the OIC countries.

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HLE02: Presidential Championing Infrastructure Initiative – Inter-Ministerial Committee Meeting (PICI – IMC) (Closed Meeting – By Invitation)

The meeting will consider the Technical Report of the Technical Task Team Project Status Report (TTT). The ministers will also presents all obstacles and constraints that might hinder the smooth project implementation. Inter-Ministerial Project Status Report will be developed to be presented to the PICI Head of states.
11 ministers will attend the meeting in addition to high senior staff.


Presidential Championing Infrastructure Initiative (PICI)

HLE03: Expert Meeting of the Egyptian - Dutch Advisory Panel on Water Management (Closed Meeting – By Invitation)

The Egyptian-Dutch Advisory Panel on Water Management has a long history of supporting and promoting the cooperation between the two governments since it was established in 1976. The panel is chaired by the Egyptian Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation and the Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Water. It includes members from different ministries relevant to water sector on both Egyptian and Dutch sides.

The objective of the Meeting includes:  to continue the dialogue on the progress of the partnership and provide an update on completed and/or running activities, studies and projects; to exchange information and knowledge regarding the three themes of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the two ministries, namely, Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM), Rural Sanitation and Wastewater Management, and Water and Agriculture and; to discuss future actions and the plans of the panel for 2019/2020


HLE04: First meeting of the Joint High-Level Committee between water and Agriculture (Closed Meeting – By Invitation)