HLE 2.2: Special Event on the Egyptian National Climate Change Strategy (NCCS)

Convener: Ministry of Environment/Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation

Co- Chairs: H.E. Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment Arab Republic of Egypt/ H.E.Dr. Mohammed Abdel Ati, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation

Moderator: Dr. Mohamed Bayoumi – Environment Specialist- UNDP


Speaker Name Position Presentation Title

H.E. Ms. Patricia Espinosa

Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Climate Change is an important challenge we face today
Ms. Marina Wes World Bank, Country Director for Egypt, Yemen and Djibouti World Bank’s Egypt Country Climate and Development Report
Dr. Amr Osama Advisor to the Minister of Environment for Climate Change National Climate Change Strategy
Dr. Mourad Wahba Senior Advisor to the Administrator of UNDP Climate Change Vision at UNDP
Mr. Khalid Hamza Deputy Head of EBRD Egypt The EBRD’s Investment Climate Support Activities in Egypt


Session contents

The National Council for Climate Change (NCCC) has taken a decision of developing National Climate Change Strategy (NCCS) for Egypt. The main objective of the strategy is to plan and govern climate change at different levels to support the implementation of Egypt Vision 2030, taking into consideration that climate change is mainstreamed into all development sectors.

To this context, the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation in partnership with the Ministry of Environment are organizing a 2 hour special event to inform the representatives from national, regional and international organizations on Egypt’s climate change vision.  The session will shed light on the National Climate Change Strategy and its framework with focus on water related issues as well as the World Bank Climate and Development Report.  The session will include response from UNDP and EBRD on support to implementation. This will promote exchange and dialogue among researchers, policy makers, and international community.

At this event, Egypt will showcase the national planning efforts for management of climate risks. Consequently, it will mobilize the national bodies towards the climate change and the international community to allocate efficient resources for the implementation of national priorities and needs in the context of climate change.

The 2 hours’ event is set to be an informal conversation between the moderator and guest panelists, and it will be divided into two fireside chats, as follows:

Presenting National Climate Change Strategy (NCCS) and its Framework: This track will assist all audience to better understand the strategy and its framework.

Promoting Partnership and Cooperation: This track will provide several opportunities for cooperation among the development partners and international organizations and the government of Egypt. Potential opportunities for moving the strategy forward into implementation is the main goal of this track.