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Cairo Water Week 20th-24th October, 2019

Themes and Topics

Cairo Water Week 2019 will address the main theme “Responding to Water Scarcity” through five sub-themes overarching a broad spectrum of the water scarcity. They are linked in many ways and difficult to make separation. Under each sub-theme, variety of topics could be covered. They are listed only as guidance but not limited to shape the 2nd CWW agenda as can be seen below:

Sustainable development calls for concerted efforts towards building a resilient future for our societies. Interlinkages between water, energy, food and environment would also contribute to sustainable development. This sub-theme will focus on water for sustainable development considering the following topics:

  • Promoting efficiency in domestic, agricultural and industrial water use
  • Mitigating water quality degradation and pollution clean up
  • Coping with water scarcity to achieve food security
  • Water accounting for optimum water management
  • Making clean water and safe sanitation accessible and affordable
  • Interlinkages between water, energy, food and environment
  • Managing water to alleviate poverty and hunger
  • Progress towards achieving Goal 6 of the SDGs
  • Public-private partnership (ppp) in water management

Shared water resources must be seen as a tool for cooperation and for promoting equitable allocation of water resources and their benefits. Regional cooperation in a transboundary context is considered a key solution towards achieving water security. This sub-theme will address the importance of promoting regional cooperation considering the following topics:

  • Water scarcity & benefit sharing
  • Case studies of regional cooperation on transboundary water
  • Knowledge sharing and exchange between riparian countries
  • Transboundary water governance
  • Water diplomacy and Hydro-politics

The research and innovation sub-theme will focus on the up-to-date applications of scientific and technological innovations in water management to help countries tackle their water challenges and ensure sustainable development. The sub-theme aims at encouraging sharing of information and technological action tools for imminent water challenges considering the following topics:

  • Methods and tools for better water management
  • Smart water management for prodactivity
  • Agriculture research for water saving
  • Managing multi-objective infrastructures
  • Nanotechnology applications in water
  • Using of remote sensing for water management
  • Youth innovations for maximizing water benefits

This sub-theme will focus on two questions: “how will climate change affect the water cycle” and “what are the key mitigation and adaptation strategies for reducing the environmental risks”. Considering the impact of climate change on quality of life, health and food security, the sub-theme will consider the following topics:

  • Adaptation and mitigation measures under severity conditions
  • Adaptation to CC impact on water, environment and ecosystems
  • Adaptation to CC impacts on agriculture and crop production
  • Flood and drought risk management
  • Sea level rise and integrated coastal zone management
  • Vulnerability of arid regions to CC

Use of non-conventional water resources has become irreplaceable options to reduce the gap between water supply and demand. They offer great potentials but also include many challenges. The sub-theme will address the enabling environment for non-conventional water resources development and operation through the following topics:

  • Low cost sewage water treatment & utilization
  • Role of non-conventional water in water scarce environment
  • The latest in desalination technology and development
  • Economic use of brackish water for agriculture and aquaculture
  • Nature based methods for polluted drainage water treatment
  • Reuse and recycling of treated wastewater and agricultural drainage water