Director of the Water for All Chair at ParisTech, backed by AgroParisTech

Since May 2009, he has been Director of the Water for All Chair at ParisTech, backed by AgroParisTech for the management of the International OPT Executive Master and by Mines ParisTech for the research. This International Executive Masters OPT program is designed for the management of urban water and sanitation services in emerging countries and is presented to you today.

Jean Antoine was head of engineering and studies at the International Office for Water (IOW) from 1999 to 2009, supervising with 20 to 25 projects per year related to the implementation of water policies in France or abroad (Europe, Mediterranean, Africa, Haiti, etc.) on topics such as: participatory management and planning, water policy, socio-economics, water law, water technologies, hydroelectricity, etc. He has extensive knowledge of drinking water production and distribution thanks to the three years He is working as a network engineer and operations engineer in Paris (CEP), as an expert for the National Office for Water and Sanitation (ONEA) in Ouagadougou in the 90s, and as a professor in Sanitary Engineering at the Interstate School of Rural Equipment Engineers (EIER, which became 2iE).


He has led several studies in Europe and in France on the technical level, as well as financial levels (with the European Union), or on the governance of water services (including in a number of European capitals). He has written several books on performance indicators, on overview of service management methods and on asset management practices. He has founded the knowledge management & information service center at the IOW and has been at the origin of EMWIS / SEMIDE’s creation in the Mediterranean Basin.