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In its continuous efforts to promote water conservation, the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation in cooperation with the European Union is launching two competitions. The two contests build on the success of last years’ competition. Farmers continue to be one of the two main targets for this year’s competition since they should play a key role in conserving water; considering that the Agriculture sector consumes 79% of Egyptian water resources. In addition to Farmers, primary schools’ students and teachers are the second target of the 2019 competition. In this competition, the ministry cooperates with the Ministry of Education and Technical Education and Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities represented by the Holding Company for Water and Wastewater.
Below are the tender documents for the two contests:

 European Union

Two Contests with One Objective

Support the strategic national efforts and initiatives to protect and conserve water resources

The Farmers Contest revolves around the usage of modern irrigation techniques to conserve water.  Participants will be required to document their practices clarifying how much water was conserved, cost for applying modern irrigation per acre and increase in produced crops after applying new irrigation techniques.

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The Primary Schools Contest aims at creating awareness among headmasters, teachers and students about the water scarcity in Egypt and the importance of conserving water.  Groups of students led their teachers are required to develop awareness material about water conservation including posters, school magazines and Facebook pages.  They are also asked to speak about water conservation in their internal schools’ broadcast and conduct awareness activities in their surrounding communities.