Deputy director of the Drainage Research Institute (DRI), National Water Research Center (NWRC)

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Shaban M. Abusalama works currently as the deputy director of the Drainage Research Institute (DRI), National Water Research Center (NWRC) in Egypt. He completed his Master and PhD programs in “Water Resources Management” and “Environmental Engineering” from the Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, University of Lunenburg (Leuphana) in Germany.

He has accumulated more than 25 years of experience in environmental research while working as a researcher in DRI. During this period, he contributed to several research that were carried out within the international projects: Drainage Research Program (DRP) (Dutch-Egyptian), Monitoring and Analysis of Drainage Water Quality (MADWQ) (Dutch-Egyptian), National Water Quality and Availability Management NAWQAM  (Canadian-Egyptian), Enhanced Water Resources Management (Global Environmental Facility – GEF Project ID: 3991) and Sustainable Agriculture Drainage in the Nile Delta of Egypt (STDF Project- USC17-181).

During his work in Leuphana, he joined the Collaborative Research Group: Ecosystem Functioning and Global Change that was working on research oriented on the model of sustainable development and focusing on the reciprocal impact of human activity on the environment. 

Within working times in DRI and Leuphana, he contributed in designing experiments, collecting, processing and analyzing environmental data (mainly crop, soil and water quality/quantity data), interpreting and presenting results as well as writing scientific research. In general, his overall research fields are: water resources management and environmental statistics.

Prof. Shaban also was a guest lecturer within the Master program “Water resources management in tropical and subtropical regions” placed at Leuphana. The lectures covered some main subjects in the field of “Statistical Analysis of Environmental Data”. In addition, he is currently working as a lecturer within the framework of the international training course “Soil and Water Management” held in the Egyptian International Center of Agriculture (EICA) in Cairo.