SE 4.2: Towards a Common Path for Sustainable Agriculture Management in Egypt

Convener: American University in Cairo

Session Sub-title: The Role of the EU in Advancing the SDGs agenda in Egypt:
The case of the DeVilag project: Main objectives, achievements & outputs (Panel 1)

Moderator: Prof. Hani Sewilam, RWTH Aachen, Germany


A Representative from EU Delegation: Eng. Karim Hamdy

Session contents:

The session will include a representative from the EU delegation and the Erasmus+ National Coordinator. Each of which will shed the light on how the EU is helping advance the SDG agenda in Egypt through different projects. Specifically focusing in the Devilag project’s objectives, achievements and outputs. Prof. Hani Sewilam will be moderating the session.

Session Sub-title: Challenges of Sustainable Agriculture Development in Egypt (Panel 2)

Moderator: Prof. Mohamed H.A. Nawar


Speaker Name Presentation Title
Prof. Azza El Bendary Sustainable agriculture, and rural migration
Ms. Yomna El-Awamri Assessment of the needs and required skills for sustainable agriculture and rural development
Prof. Assem Abu Hatab Capacity building of educators in sustainable agriculture
Dr. Mohamed Abdelhameed Mohamed DeVilag Service Offices



Session Sub-title: Education for Sustainable Development (Panel 3)

Moderator: Ms. Yomna El-Awamri



Speaker Name Presentation Title
Prof. HeribertNacken MOOC as a teaching methodology
Georgiou, E. Kyriakos the 4 Devilag new/modified programs and e-learning technologies
Dr. Valérie BEYSSAT Tools and practices implemented to foster education to sustainable development


Session Sub-title: Opportunities for Sustainable Agriculture Development (Panel 4)

Moderator: Prof. Boshra Salem


Speaker Name Presentation Title
Prof. Mohamed Yousri Hashem Sustainability transformation (TBC)
Prof. Ahmed Elezaby Sustainable Agriculture in the Desert (TBC)
SEKEM representative SEKEM Wahat Farm: an example for successful Sustainable agriculture