SE4.1 – EU-AFDB Water Investment Forum (Closed Event – By Invitation)
Convener (s): European Union (EU)
Co-convener (s): African Development Bank (AFDB)

This high-level Forum is the first milestone high-level meeting aiming to set a structured dialogue platform between the EU, AFDB, Egyptian authorities and the private sector to improve the investment climate and the business environment in the water sector in Egypt. In addition, Promote discussion and build consensus across a range of public, private authorities, and stakeholders on the strengths and weaknesses of systems and the ways forward to incentivise private sector participation and cost recovery in the water sector. Furthermore, identify the role that each can play to contribute to positive spillovers in the water sector and the “who can do what” to improve financial management.This high-level event is organised in cooperation with AFDB. The event shall present EU, AFDB vision and plan to achieve sustainable development and especially sustainable finance in Egypt’s water infrastructure and strengthen the regional cooperation on water resources management and development. In addition, the event shall discuss topics such as the water food nexus as well. Finally, presenting the EU External Investment Plan (EIP), the European Fund for Sustainable Development (EFSD), and the AFRICA-EUROPE Alliance on Sustainable Investment and jobs, focusing on the water sector, shall be among the priorities.

Oct 27, 2021 09:30 AM in Cairo