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SE01: 2nd African Young Water Professional Forum (Closed Meeting – By Invitation)

Owing to the success of the 1st Af-YWPF, the forum has grown to attract more than 570 members from all African countries, thus becoming an important platform at the African continent for capacity building of Africa’s future leaders in water-related sectors. Thus, keeping in mind the importance of the Af-YWPF, the MWRI of Egypt, AFRWG of the ICID, ENCID, ICID and ESCWA are working collaboratively to organize the 2nd Af-YWPF at the CWW 2019. The proposed five-day forum will include the forum meeting, three days training workshop and two days to converge with activities of the Cairo Water Week to give YP’s the opportunity to engage with experts and stakeholders in the water sector. The Forum catering for Young Water Professionals of diverse backgrounds including utility, government, research, and private consulting and industry engagement will be an action-packed 26 hours, spread over a 3-day period. During this span, key eminent (and experienced) resource, persons, drawn from the academics and the professions, will be invited to have 15 hrs of contact/training/interactive sessions with Af-YWP; split into different hands-on-training workshops, seminars

SE02: Kids Hub "Young Water Ambassadors"

The children can play a significant role in the future of water resources management, in accordance with their evolving capacities and increasing autonomy, to be engaged in the future decision-making processes.
When children learn to communicate opinions, take responsibility and make decisions, they develop a sense of belonging, justice, responsibility, and cooperation.


In CWW 2019, we worked alongside kids to make sure their participation in the conference and have their voices heard. The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation will organize the 2nd edition of the “Kids Hub” this year, in cooperation with Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Youth & Sports and Ministry of Education. The event aims to raise the children awareness on water challenges; and to encourage them to disseminate the water conservation messages to the children everywhere.  Many activities and competitions related to water will take place on the margin of the forum: lectures, a literary workshop, painting activities and puppet shows.

SE03: Status Que of the Egyptian Water Higher Education, Research and Training: The Center of Excellence for Water – American University in Cairo

The Center of Excellence for Water aims at boosting Egyptian Higher Education, Research and Training, in the field of Water Sciences and Engineering. Since its start, the CoE partners (more than 20 partners from Government, Universities, Research Centers, Private Sectors and Foundations) have been working to study the status-quo and capacities of the Egyptian Higher Education and Research Institutions. An in depth needs assessment has been carried out by the CoE and its results reveals interesting facts, potentials, and needs for Higher Education curricula, Research Grants, and Training (Capacity Building).

The workshop will be divided into two mains parts, the status-quo of Higher Education, research and Training, and challenges in relation to the Egyptian Water Strategy within the Egyptian Strategy for Sustainable Development, and the way forward for the Center of Excellence to address those challenges and filling the gaps


SE04: Advanced Water Accounting: Training for Water Accounting Analyst (Closed Event – By Invitation)

Water accounting (WA) refers to the systematic study of the hydrological cycle and the current status and future trends in both water supply and demand. Beyond the simple accounting of volumes and flows, it also focuses on issues relating to accessibility, uncertainty and governance of water. Therefore, WA is a critical tool to support any initiative aiming at addressing the challenges of water scarcity. Water auditing goes a step further than water accounting by placing trends in water supply, demand, accessibility and use in the broader context of governance, institutions, public and private expenditure, laws, and the wider political economy of water in specified domains. (FAO, 2016). FAO regional project funded by Sida on “implementing the 2030 agenda for water efficiency/productivity and sustainability in the NENA region” (hereafter Sida-NenaAgwaterSustain project) under the Near East and North Africa Water scarcity initiative is using WA to inform strategic planning.

The training targets people already familiar with Water accounting and aims to introduce advanced water accounting to practitioners who will be responsible of the analysis and packaging of information to decision makers.

A typical water accounting team should have analysts who can interpret the information revealed by the water accounting and what it means for problems/opportunities in management and policies. This training targets WA analysts of water accounting teams and is the first of a series of training –face to face and virtual- that aim to provide them with the tools for their role.

In the training, some of the water accounting results produced in the context of the SIDA-NenaAgwaterSustain project will be used as practice materials. The participant will discuss the results from different type of water accounting exercises, how they facilitate the understanding problems/opportunities and inform management or policy implications. This review will also help decide and frame the next phase of water accounting.

This activity will start in the context of the Cairo Water Week, with a first introductory and will be completed for the project participants with practical’s in Egypt in the following few days.

SE05: EU Water Governance & Business Forum (Closed Event – By Invitation)

The proposed event shall be a high level /high level event to discuss Mediterranean & Egyptian files including UFM vision and plan to achieve sustainable development and issues related to sustainable finance in water infrastructure, and mainly focusing on EIP, EFSD and possible Cooperation between EU and AFIs. The event shall serve as a technical follow up /spinoff event to the UFM Ministerial Conference on Water. Finally, the event shall be an excellent opportunity to promote the Foreign Affairs Council conclusion on sustainable water finance.

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SE06: World Water Council – 70th Board of Governors Meeting (Closed Meeting – By Invitation)

The World Water Council, the honorary sponsor of CWW, decided to organize its 70th Board of governors meeting in Cairo on the sidelines of CWW2019. The meeting will be held during the period from 19-23 October 2019 and will include the Task Force meeting, the ISC meeting, the Bureau meeting and the 70th BOG Meeting.

The World Water Council is an international multistakeholder platform organization whose mission is to mobilize action on critical water issues at all levels, including the highest decision-making level, by engaging people in debate and challenging conventional thinking. The Council focuses on the political dimensions of water security, adaptation and sustainability. The World Water Council catalyzes collective action during and in between each World Water Forum – the world’s largest event on water

SE07:Training Course Program on Integrated Water Resources Management (20-24 October, 2019)

This training course in Integrated Water Resources Management is designed to overcome the lack of capacity to manage the water in integrated manner. It allows the present and future managers to share the understanding and demonstrating principle, practice and tools used in designing and evaluating the responses to water resources management problems. This course is conducted under the framework of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) water vision kicked off in 2009 to strengthen the collaboration of the Islamic member states to address water challenges faced by the Islamic world.  The Egyptian Minister of Water Resources and irrigation Mohamed Abdel Aaty announced this training course during the Fourth Session of the Islamic conference held in Egypt in October 2018 as a contribution from Egypt to Implement the OIC water Vision. The course will be organized by the National Water Research Center, the Research entity of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation in Egypt. The main objectives of the course are:
Increase knowledge about different concepts and tools for IWRM and evaluation.
Develop skills and knowledge required for urgent needs in the water resources sector.
To support and stimulate the application of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in the applicants home countries of the Islamic world
Allow present and future managers from the Islamic member states to effectively communicate as experts from different disciplines to share knowledge and best practices.

SE08: Promoting Urban Nexus in the MENA Region Training Workshop

The overall objective of the workshop is to discuss the way forward to apply Urban Nexus in the MENA region at local government level, through reforming governance structure and favorable framework conditions.

This is to be achieved through one day workshop to:

  •  Provide basic knowledge and understanding on the Urban Nexus Approach, as an integrated urban planning and management tool to foster resource-efficient and resilient cities.
  • Present good practice case studies on applying Urban Nexus in Asian cities. These case studies are from actual projects that include both hard-side options (e.g. wastewater to energy and food to energy) and soft-side options (e.g. inter-sectoral task forces and multi-level dialogue).
  •  Present an Urban Nexus initiative in the region; MINARET Project. Achievements and prospects of this project will be discussed to derive lessons learnt.
  •  Define the way forward to apply Urban Nexus in the region, at municipality/governorate level, through discussions engaging relevant stakeholders from the water, energy and urban sectors, with local government at municipalities and governorates, private sector and Academia.