Theme 1:Green water for restoring freshwater ecosystems and adapting to changing climates.

Green water constitutes the majority of water use in rain-fed agriculture. It is the largest freshwater resource stored in soil that plants can utilize directly. Farmers, foresters and pasture/rangeland users can manage such a vital resource; hence, proper utilization is necessary. Theme 1 focuses on addressing adequate mitigation and adaptation strategies, technologies, and scientific approaches for the protection and restoration of that vulnerable resource, taking into account the impacts of the changing climate. Theme 1 welcomes submissions dealing with green water policy and research, management/mismanagement and efficient/inefficient usage, green water accounting, accounting indicators methodologies/utilization/development, optimization techniques, nature-based solutions, and others, as well as green water quality/security/stress data-driven indices. Submissions are also encouraged on direct and indirect feedback impact mechanisms on population in urban/rural/poor communities, agroclimatic smart systems, effective earth observation and modeling techniques, efforts on capacity building, trainings, technology transfer, knowledge exchange, roundtables, and outreach activities at local, national, and institutional levels.

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