Theme 3: Support co-benefits of water management adaptation actions and economic growth.

Energy consumption is the most challenging factor hindering economic growth. The challenge is exacerbated when it is associated with the operational costs of drinking, sanitation, and wastewater plants. With the climate crisis, humanity is facing greenhouse gas emissions from these plants and wastewater adds an additional stress factor. Theme 3 focuses on supporting the achieved environmental and economic co-benefits via proper water management to support a growing economy. Ongoing efforts to solve these issues can be encouraged and supported by a Water-Energy-Food Security (WEF) nexus approach. Theme 3 welcome submissions addressing water management challenges, hybrid energy systems with renewable energy sources for water treatment plants, geothermal and hydropower energy technologies, low-cost, low-emission approaches for constant drinking water supply, wastewater management/treatment, Water-Energy-Food Security (WEF) nexus, and sanitation provision. Submissions are also encouraged on measures of decoupling economic growth from fresh water usage, governing policies/partnerships/championship/research and innovation, smart climate funding schemes and mobilization, efforts on capacity building, trainings, technology transfer, knowledge exchange, roundtables, and outreach activities at local, national, and institutional levels.

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