Theme 4: Actions for Water and Climate Adaptations and Resilience


Resilience and adaptation are keys in mitigating the severe impacts of climate challenges and transforming them into viable solutions. Addressing these challenges necessitates advancements in knowledge and breakthroughs across various domains, including technologies, solutions, and adaptation services. Failure to take action now will render adaptation significantly and adaptation will be more expensive and challenging for future generations. This thematic focus revolves around recent advancements in understanding climate change uncertainties, assessing impact severity, identifying vulnerable regions, and mapping risks related to water issues. Additionally, it aims to enhance water management solutions, protect communities, and develop tools for effective response and recovery from inevitable crises. Sub-themes under this topic can include:

  1. Analysis of The Uncertainty in Climate Change Scenarios and Modelling Results
  2.  Identifying the Severity of The Climate Change Impact Through Proper Indices
  3.  Identifying Vulnerable Regions and Mapping Risks and Impacts
  4. Nature Based Solutions for Water Management
  5. Retrofitting Hydraulic Structures to Protect Communities Against Climate Change
  6. Enhancing Monitoring and Early Warning Systems for Crisis Response and Recovery

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