TS1.1: Innovative Research on Water Resources

Convener (s): NWRC

Chairman: Prof. Hussam Fahmy

Rapporteur: Dr. Ramin Abdel Hady

Title Presenter
Innovative low-cost technique for wastewater treatment Prof. Salwa Abou El Ella
Impact of Land subsidence in the Nile Delta on water resources management Prof. Tarek Abdel Aziz
biological water treatment using Integrated biosynthesized silver nanoparticles with ceramic filter Dr. Walaa Shalah ElDin
Management of Contaminants Spills in Watercourses Dr. Dalia Hassan


Session Content:

Innovative research in water science is very important to introduce new technologies and techniques to maximize water efficiency and reduce the gap between the available water resources and water demand, Egypt is one of the countries which suffers from water resources shortage. To sustain the availability of water resources, it is mandatory to carry out innovative research in the field of water resources.

National Water Research Center (NWRC) in Egypt is extensively carrying out innovative research to deal with water resources shortage. Some of this research focuses on new techniques for wastewater treatment with low cost and maintain the sustainability of water resources. In this regard, four research papers will be presented. The papers will present the new techniques used for wastewater treatment and preserve the water courses from contaminants spills if occurs.