TS1.3 Water Resources Management as a Tool to Cope with Water Scarcity

Convener (s): NWRC

Chairman: Prof. Lotfy Nasr

Rapporteur: Dr. Mohamed Embaby

Title Presenter

Increasing irrigation efficiency through canal rehabilitation

(Case studies in Menya and Fayoum governorates)

Dr. Aiman El Saadi
Assessment of irrigation water requirements using remote sensing technique Dr. Talat El Gamal
Impact of aquifer types on Groundwater vulnerability Dr. Heba Abdel Aziz
Water quality index for irrigation canals in Egypt Eng. Hossam Ashraf

Session Content:

The gap between the water resources availability and water demand is increasing exponentially worldwide. This creates water scarcity stress in many countries in the world. Egypt is located in the arid region, and it is one of the countries facing water scarcity where the water demand is much higher than the available water resources, which is mainly the Nile River.

Many efforts have been done to overcome the water scarcity. National Water Research Center (NWRC), which is the research arm of the Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI), have conducted a lot of research in this field to manage the water resources in such a way that to reduce the impact of water scarcity in Egypt. In this regard, four research papers will be presented. The papers will present the research done to increase the water use efficiency and maintain the water quality in a very good condition.