TS2.10 – VICMED Project Feasibility Study (Phase 2) Donors’ Round Table MWRI

Convener (s): Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, Egypt

Under the vision “ One Continent-One River- One people”, the “Establishment of a Navigation Line between Lake Victoria and the Mediterranean Sea (VICMED)” Project is championed by Egypt under the Presidential Infrastructure Championing Initiative (PICI)and coordinated by COMESA. The VICMED project comprises all Nile Basin countries. The project’s Strategic Objectives are to connect footprint countries via a relatively low-cost natural transport route (navigational and/or multimodal) that is safe, secure and energy efficient, to provide opportunities for land-locked countries, to enhance trade and tourism, to reduce poverty and to develop socio-economic integration among Nile basin footprint countries. The VICMED Project will represent the backbone of all regional future transportation projects including highways and railways. It will also act as a prototype and successful template for other suggested mega projects in the region.
The VICMED project has been approved as a transregional Project in PIDA PAP2 (AU Summit February 2021). Accordingly, the Project Management Unit is exerting efforts to mobilize fund for the VICMED Project Feasibility Study (Phase 2).The objective of this session is to mobilize resources for the Feasibility Phase 2 (FS2) and to promote for VICMED project with the presence of development partners, donors, and all the stakeholders from footprint countries. The session will also present the progress of the Project and the examples of lessons learnt from different international river basins in which Inland Water Navigation helped in fostering cooperation, benefit sharing and economic integration among riparian countries.It is worth noting that this session will be held in the presence of PICI, African development Bank, NEPAD, COMESA, representatives of development partners, donors, and stakeholders from footprint countries.Time

Oct 25, 2021, 04:30 PM in Cairo