TS2.7: Enabling Intelligent Water Systems with GIS

Convener (s): Esri North Africa (Esri NA)

Speakers: Eng. Ahmed Eissa

Speaker Name Presentation Title
Eng. Ahmed Eissa Enabling Intelligent Water Systems with GIS


Session Contents:

A complete GIS is more than making maps. Water resources today face numerous challenges ranging from increasing production demands, water shortages, aging infrastructure, and financing of capital projects. In addition, the past decade’s data explosion created a demand for a new strategies and better ways to manage, examine, and communicate water information.

In this session we will explore, the latest the advances of ArcGIS technology, a complete GIS for smart water systems, and how to build a water resources foundation that empower your business practices with the GIS capabilities to visualize and analyze real-time information to predict water supply and demand, manage water loss, identify water quality issues, and more.