TS2.8 Advances in water management.

Convener (s): CWW Scientific Committee

Session Administration Name Affiliation
Chairman Prof. Dr. Mohamed Shaban Deputy Director, Drainage Research Institute
Moderator Dr. Eman Ragab Information Administration Manager, Groundwater Research Institute
Speakers’ Names/Titles- Research Title
Mrs. Hana Kemeha Artificial intelligence saves water
Prof. Sherif M.A. ElDidy

Hydrological And Hydrogeological Evaluation Of Massive Salty Lagoons,

 (Case Study: Qattara Depression)

Prof Hala Abayazid Flood vulnerability assessment using hydroinformatic-based approach: the Nile Delta region
Eng. Fahad Kimera Efficient utilization of fish wastewater for an improved crop yield and increased water productivity in Integrated Aquaculture Systems.
Dr. Peter Fayez Nasr Forward osmosis: an alternative sustainable technology and potential applications in water industry
Mr. Saher Ayyad Sustainability of agricultural systems in the Eastern Nile countries: Trajectories, opportunities, and constraints
Prof. Nahla Sadek Internet of Things Based Automated Indoor Hydroponics and Aeroponics Greenhouse