TS3.3: The National Drainage Programme 3 in the context of the Joint Integrated Sector Approach in the Irrigation Sector (NDP3/JISA)

Convener (s): Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (Egypt)

Co-Convener (s): The European Union, The German Cooperation, and KfW, with technical assistance by Mott MacDonald

Chairman: Dr. Ahmed Alhady

Moderator: Mr. Rob Nieuwenhuis

Rapporteur: Eng. Mostafa Farouk


Sandra Wegner Dr KFW Welcome address
Mohamed El Absie Eng. EPADP General brief on NDP3
Rob Nieuwenhuis MSc Mott MacDonald Investments in drainage infrastructure
Henk Ritzema Dr Wageningen University & Research Innovations in drainage management:
• Design methodology for sub-surface drainage
• Maintenance of sub-surface drainage infrastructure
Mokhtar Elghareib Eng. EPADP
Rabab Abbas  Eng. Planning Sector/MWRI General brief on JISA
Ahmed Alhady Dr Mott MacDonald Unified Investment Planning and Monitoring System


Session contents:

The project, funded by the European Union, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through KfW, and the Government of Egypt, and Implemented by the Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, is composed of two work packages: (WP1) the National Drainage Programme Phase III (NDP3), and (WP2) the Joint Integrated Sector Approach (JISA), Phase 3.

NDP3 is a key part of the government’s Water Resources Development Strategy that seeks to optimize water use as well as improve the efficiency of the drainage systems. The goal of NDP3, implemented by the Egyptian Public Authority for Drainage Projects (EPADP) of MWRI, is to achieve socio-economic development in Egypt through generating and strengthening sustainable economic activity by improving agricultural performance. NDP3 is also considered the top investment priority in the framework of the operationalization of the Joint Integrated Sector Approach (JISA), which is the main donor co-ordination mechanism aiming at enhancing investment effectiveness in the irrigation sector by means of an improved co-ordination of investment planning and implementation within the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI) of the Government of Egypt. The specific objective of NDP3 is to increase agricultural production by providing adequate drainage infrastructure and enhancing the capacities of different stakeholders to rehabilitate and extend subsurface drainage network.

JISA is the main investment coordination mechanism within the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI). Its initial development comprised two previous phases. The overall objective of JISA3 is to support the MWRI Planning Sector in adopting and implementing the investment planning and monitoring methodology as developed in the previous JISA phases and to improve coordination between the various implementing agencies (contracting entities) within the MWRI.

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