TS4.2: Shoreline management and protection

Convener (s): National Water Resource Institute, MWRI, Egypt (NWRC)

Chairman: Prof. Mostafa Gawish

Rapporteur: Dr. Abdel Hamid Khater

Title Presenter
Investigation of setback line along Red Sea Coast in Egypt Prof. Khaled Abdel Hai

Physical modeling of offshore structures

(case study of Port Said coastal area)

Dr. Sayed Dewidar
Impact of offshore submerged breakwater on coastal areas Prof. Mohamed Rami
Development of oil spill emergency system for coastal area Eng. Amal Osama


Session Content:

Egyptian coasts extend over 3,500 kilometers, with two-thirds along the Red Sea and the coasts of the Sinai Peninsula. The coasts along the Seas are characterized by diversified natural, environmental, and social features and are well known for the presence of coral reef communities, with their rich marine life. Major resort cities such as Dahab, Hurghada, Nuweiba, and Sharm el-Sheikh on the Red Sea are important for tourism and the national economy.

The National Water Research Center (NWRC) under the Umbrella of the Egyptian Ministry of Water Resource and Irrigation (MWRI) have conducted research in the coastal area along Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea to preserve the national resources and minimize the negative impact of development projects on the coastal region. Four-research paper will be presented including the setback line investigation for Red Sea coastal zone and modelling the offshore coastal structures using physical models and setup of oil spill warning system for Suez Gulf which is one of the very busy waterways used by oil tankers.