WS2.2 Governance & Strategic Planning 

Convener (s): Washington state university

Co-conveners: AUC, Alexandria University

Brief description: Participants will actively participate to

  1.  Develop the AWR-CoE mission statement
  2. Discuss administrative and staffing needs as well as policies and procedures to successfully and sustainably pursue the Center’s mission
  3. Identify key elements required for a strong short- and long-term strategic plan
  4. Exchange ideas, tools, and methods for governing centers and pursuing collaborative research and education projects
  5. Develop agreements for partner institution cooperation, resource sharing, and shared governance.

Expected outcomes: Outcomes from this session will include:

  1. Improved knowledge about academic or center-related governance mechanisms appropriate for a National Water Center.
  2. Plans for new strategies or policies that promote and facilitate collaboration among partner universities to strengthen water education and research for Egypt.
  3.  Innovative ideas and plans for lasting financial and personnel investment in the short- and long-term future.
  4. Draft documents outlining the COE mission and strategic plan that are consistent with University and MOHESR guidelines and rules.