WS2.3: Enhancing Climate Change Adaptation in the North Coast and Nile Delta Regions in Egypt Project (ECCADP)

The GCF project in Egypt – Where we got to?

Chairman: Dr. Ragab Abdel Azeem – First Undersecretary – MWRI

Moderator: Dr Mohamed Ahmed – ECCADP Project manager

Rapporteur: Dr Taher Osman – ECCADP officer


Dr. Ragab Abdel Azeem First Undersecretary – MWRI Opening speech
Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Project Manager An overview of the project and an update on the progress made so far
Eng. Mohamed Hassan Ghattas Head of Research and Studies central directorate – Shore Protection Authority (SPA) 5 years of soft protection in Egypt – The SPA experience
Mr. Jan Dietrich Integrated Coastal Zone management (ICZM) study team leader The roadmap to an ICZM plan in Egypt
Dr Taher Osman ICZM officer – ECCADP project Project community development activities
Dr Nabil El-Hady Landscape consultant Twining of protection and landscape works to adapt to Climate Change impacts
Dr Mohamed Bayoumi UNDP UNDP Climate Change adaptation prospects in Egypt
Dr. Ragab Abdel Azeem First Undersecretary – MWRI Closing speech



Session Content:

The Enhancing Climate Change Adaptation in the North Coast and Nile Delta regions in Egypt Project (ECCADP) is one of the key adaptation projects in Egypt. It is funded by the Government of Egypt, Green Climate Fund and the United Nations Development Program and aims to enhance the resilience of the Egyptian government and societies to Climate Change impacts in the coastal zones, in particular, the northern coasts in Egypt.

As the project approaches its midterm, this session aims to presenting the progress that was made so far to enhance adaptation efforts in Egypt through promoting and upscaling Nature-Based coastal protection measures and developing an Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Plan for Mediterranean coasts in Egypt.

The session starts by the showing project rationale, objectives, partners and overall progress. This is followed by presentations that detail the progress made so far including:

  • The Shore protection experience with Nature-Based solutions based on the work that is currently on going to protect 5 hot spots in the Delta region from severe sea storms and sea level rise.
  • The road map to develop an ICZM plan in Egypt.
  • Project community development efforts in the areas affected by severe sea storms and sea level rise in the Delta area (Kafr El-Sheikh example).
  • Improving the view of the coastal protection works by adding the landscape beauty to them.
  • The various UNDP adaptation related efforts in Egypt such as the development of a National adaptation Plan and a curriculum to under and post graduate students

Translation: Arabic – English